The treatment of pathologically changed nails is intended for people suffering from, among others, with onycholysis, mycosis and traumatic nails.

Onycholysis is characterized by the separation of the nail plate from the bed, the surface under this area becomes filled with air, which gives the nails a white or yellow color. Onycholysis can be congenital or acquired. The procedure consists in removing the part of the nail plate that has detached from the placenta.

Onychomycosis develops in people who have systemic, endocrine, or diabetes problems, and in people who have undergone antibiotic, steroid, and chemotherapy treatments. Fungal nails should be properly shortened and cleaned so that only a healthy plate remains.

A traumatic nail is one that has been mechanically damaged, as a result of which it has been permanently damaged or does not grow properly. We distinguish two types of traumatic nails: nails after a fresh injury and nails that were injured many years ago. During the procedure, the specialist removes the non-adherent part of the nail and properly cleans the area after the injury, and recommends the use of appropriate preparations supporting the regeneration of the placenta.

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